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The typical treatments (topical corticosteroids, antihistamines, UV light therapy, immunosuppressants and others) have so far worked only for a small number of people … and can have very nasty side effects.

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I would wake up and feel fine — calm and clear headed — for about 5 seconds. But then I would look down at my arms, and what I saw was a disaster.

My skin was bright red, oozing, and flaking off in chunks. Often my arms were bleeding from frenzied scratching throughout the night.

Every day it was the same. I got dressed as fast as possible, in long sleeves, to hide my skin from myself.

At school I could disguise my ugly arms with long-sleeves, but not my neck. And let me tell you: It. Was. Ugly.

But the day I lost ALL my remaining self confidence was when a "popular" guy asked me if I was contagious, in front of three of his friends. He looked visibly disgusted, and they laughed in my face. By the end of the day, rumors had spread and I had earned a new nickname: "Redneck".

Frustrated and ashamed, and quite frankly, fed up with it, I did what any sane human being would do. I went to the doctor.

I was initially prescribed powerful corticosteroid creams to rub on my skin. And while they appeared to work great at first, I noticed that my skin became dependent on these powerful drugs.

My doctors promised me that this eczema treatment would heal my skin, but as soon as I stopped the treatment, my skin would rebound and the eczema would come back worse than ever before.

Little did I know (doctors never told me) that continued use of these drugs causes permanent skin damage. Indeed, overuse of these steroid drugs is well known to cause skin atrophy, stretch marks, and susceptibility to infection.

At one point, I was prescribed a new medication called Elidel that works as an "immunomodulator." I was told by doctors that it was safe to use. Not only did this expensive cream not work for me, but I later found out that the FDA has… Read more…