7 Day Eczema CureClick Image To Visit SiteI’m not really an expert about anything (just ask my wife). I never studied anything that had to do with health or “wellness” in school and I don’t have a degree in anything.  In fact, the only thing I consider myself “knowledgeable” about is…

I think I know how almost any guy or gal in America can eliminate their eczema for good in just 7 days or less.

And I did it without any dangerous prescription medications, expensive creams, weird natural remedies, or spending hardly any money at all. My cure happened by complete accident actually.

I had suffered from eczema for 35 years. I had it on my fingers, ankles, wrists, and worst of all, the back of my legs.

I hated my eczema. Not only did it itch uncontrollably (I’d often scratch it so much it would bleed), but it was ugly and I was horribly embarrassed by it. And because of how it looked on the back of my legs, I wouldn’t wear shorts, even in the oppressively humid, 90+ degree heat of Ohio summers.

As a child my mother did all she could to cure me of it. She tried allergy shots, medications, creams, ointments, lotions… everything.

Recently I even got desperate enough to purchase one of those "Eczema Creams" from the internet.  Below is a picture of the bottle it came in.

I blurred out the product name in the picture below because I don’t want the company that manufactures this product to sue me (funny thing how you can get sued because you tell the truth about a product, eh?)

The problem with these types of "eczema creams" is that not only do they NOT work, but they can make your eczema so much worse.

Water and alcohol dries out your skin. Dry skin makes eczema worse (I’ll get more into that in just a moment).

Creams like this one are sold all over the internet and at many of your local stores.  And most of them contain water, alcohol, and a whole host of harsh chemicals that are proven to make eczema worse.

How they can get away with selling this stuff is beyond me.  That’s why I always advise people to read the ingredients on any skin care product before they buy it.  If it contains alcohol, water, or any other harsh chemicals (like propylene glycol) avoid it like… Read more…